Cheer for India’s Victory by Winning Funded wallet worth 1.1 Lakhs(Now Live)

Get ready for a thrilling ride as Density is turning up the heat with an electrifying giveaway!

We're not just talking about any giveaway; we're talking about 11 Funded Wallets up for grabs! The catch?

It's all happening on the grand stage of the India vs. Australia World Cup final. Brace yourselves for a rollercoaster of emotions and crypto excitement!

How to Participate:

Sign Up and Complete KYC: First things first, dive into the action by signing up on the Density exchange. Complete your KYC, and you're officially in the running for the giveaway. We're all about security and compliance, so get yourself verified to join the crypto fun.

Download the Density Trading app or Click on this link to open an account- 👇🏻

Here is a tutorial on How to complete KYC - Link

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Connect with us on social media for an extra dash of excitement. Follow Density on all our platforms to stay in the loop, share the love, and catch the latest updates. This isn't just about the game; it's about building a community of passionate crypto enthusiasts.

The Game-Changer:

Now, here's the twist that'll keep you on the edge of your seat. For the giveaway to unlock, India needs to clinch victory in the World Cup final against Australia. It's not just about making the right crypto moves; it's about backing the right team and riding the crypto wave to victory!

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Eligibility: Participants must sign up on Density and complete KYC to enter the giveaway.
  2. Social Media Connection: Follow Density on all social media platforms to stay updated and participate fully in the giveaway festivities.
  3. Victory Clause: The giveaway activates only if India emerges victorious in the World Cup final against Australia.
  4. Wallet Goodies: The 11 lucky winners will receive fully funded crypto wallets, loaded with the energy of a historic cricket triumph.Please note that there will be a Max 20% Drawdown cap on each funded wallet.
  5. Contest Duration : The contest will be live from 18th November 3 pm to November 19th 11.59 pm.
  6. The Capital from the Funded wallet cannot be withdrawn. It can only be used to Trade with upto 125x leverage on the density exchange. You are free to withdraw whatever profits is being made you using the funded wallet.
  7. The giveaway activation is subject to the following volume conditions:
  • If the trading volume during the  Contest Period crosses 50,000 USDT, participants become eligible for a grand ₹10,000 Funded Wallet.

8.  Density Exchange reserves full rights to change the rules and decide the Winners of the Contest.

9. The platform at its discretion can take back the amount given in funded wallet if the users violates the platform policy or if the user is not actively trading and making effective use of the wallet.

Stay Tuned: Keep an eye on our socials and website for winner announcements and more exciting crypto updates.


Get ready to witness the clash of titans and dive into the world of crypto with Density's World Cup Showdown Giveaway. It's not just about the game; it's about celebrating victories both on and off the field. So, buckle up, join the Density community, and let the crypto games begin!