How to Trade Fibonnaci Extension like a Pro

How to Trade Fibonnaci Extension

Fibonacci extensions are like the secret sauce of technical analysis, helping you predict the future price moves like a pro and racking up those sweet trading wins. These lines on your charts are like treasure maps, guiding you to price targets, hidden support and resistance spots, and even spots where the market might decide to do a U-turn. So, hold onto your hats because we're about to dive into what these Fibonacci extensions are all about, what they're trying to tell you, how to draw 'em, and how they stack up against their sibling, the Fibonacci retracements.

Key Takeaways

So, what's the big deal with these Fibonacci extensions?

1. They're Your Price Predictors:Think of them as magical lines drawn on your price chart that give you hints about where the price might decide to change direction or hit a target.

2. The Magical Numbers :The numbers you want to pay attention to are 0.618 (that's 61.8%), 1.000 (a nice, round 100%), and 1.618 (161.8%). These are like the rock stars of Fibonacci extensions.

3. Where Magic Happens: When these "fib extension" levels start overlapping with other support and resistance zones, that's where the real action kicks in, and you might just see a market reversal.

What Are Fibonacci Extensions?


Picture this: you're an artist, and your canvas is a price chart. Fibonacci extensions are like the paintbrush strokes that reveal potential price levels where the trend might say, "Hey, I'm turning around now." How do we paint this masterpiece? Well, we use special numbers called Fibonacci ratios (0.618, 1.000, 1.272, 1.618, and 2.618) and apply them to significant price swings or trends. These extensions help us spot support and resistance zones, and they're the secret sauce behind knowing when to cash in or flip the script with a trade.

Now, about the time frame – whether you're a short-term adrenaline junkie or a laid-back swing trader, you can apply Fibonacci extension levels to any chart. We're talking 15-minute charts for the day traders and daily or weekly charts for the more patient folks who like to aim for bigger price targets and trends.

What Does Fibonacci Extension Tell You?

Imagine you have a crystal ball that shows you where a trend might decide to take a coffee break or change its mind. That's what Fibonacci extensions do – they reveal these critical levels where the price could either keep on truckin' or decide to make a U-turn.

These levels are calculated by doing some math magic. You take the length of a previous price move and multiply it by those special Fibonacci ratios (0.618, 1.000, 1.272, 1.618, and 2.618). Why? To find potential support and resistance zones and set your profit targets.

Now, the real insight? Fibonacci extensions give you a sneak peek at price projections and profit targets. It's like having a roadmap that tells you where to grab your profits or consider closing a trade. If you're not in a trade yet, these levels can also hint at where it might be a good idea to jump in and ride the wave.

But here's where it gets fancy – savvy traders look for overlap and confluence of these key levels on different time frames. When you see these levels aligning, it's like a symphony playing in the background, signaling a potential reversal.

Oh, and when you stretch those Fibonacci extension levels to historical price action on the chart, you might just find other support and resistance levels hanging out in the same neighborhood. That's like having your best buddy back you up, making those support and resistance levels even stronger.

How to Draw Fibonacci Extensions


Drawing Fibonacci extensions is like playing connect the dots with your charts. Here's the easy way to do it:

1. Activate the Fibonacci Extension tool on your charts (it might go by different names, like Fib Extension or Trend-Based Fib Extension).

2. If the market is on the upswing, start by clicking on a swing low as your first point.

3. Find the next swing high and click again (that's your second point). This measures the trend between the first and second clicks.

4. Now, find the next swing low, but it should be above the first swing low and lower than the second swing high. Click on this third point.

5. Voilà! Your chart will light up with horizontal lines – those are your Fibonacci levels.

Fibonacci extensions work their magic in downtrends too, using the same principles. They help you see how deep a correction might go.

How to Use Fibonacci Extensions to Trade Crypto

Now, let's get down to business. How can you use Fibonacci extensions to make smart crypto trades? Here are two trading strategies to wrap your head around:

Strategy 1: Estimate the End of a Bullish Trend to Exit a Long Trade

So, you're riding the wave of a bullish trend, and you want to know when to grab your surfboard and head for the shore. That's where Fibonacci extensions come to the rescue. When the price hits those Fibonacci levels, you might want to pay attention. Check out this Ethereum example – it's rallying hard, but when it reaches the 100% level, it forms a bearish pattern called a hanging man, signaling a possible trend reversal. And what do you know? Ethereum takes a nosedive shortly after.

**Strategy 2: Estimate the End of a Bearish Trend to Open a Long Trade**

Bear markets can be tough to bear (pun intended). But Fibonacci extensions can help you spot where the correction might hit the brakes and give you a chance to buy crypto on the cheap.

Advantages and Limitations of Fibonacci Extensions

Now that you're practically a Fibonacci extensions pro, let's talk about the perks and quirks of using them:


- Price Target Magic: They're your go-to tool for spotting price targets, making it easier to plan your trades and take profits at the right time.

- Universal Charm: You can use Fibonacci extensions in any market and on any time frame, making them your trusty sidekick no matter what you trade.

- Overlap Magic: When different Fibonacci extension levels start mingling in the same price zone, it's like a signal that a price reversal might be brewing. It's like having multiple confirmations.


- Price Swing Selection Drama: Choosing the right price swing to apply extensions can be a bit tricky. Different traders might pick slightly different swings, leading to variations in where the extension levels land.

- Don't Go Solo: While Fibonacci extensions are awesome, they're even better when they team up with other technical indicators or chart patterns. Relying solely on them might leave you hanging.

- Not for Choppy Waters: These extensions shine in trending markets but might lose their sparkle in sideways or choppy markets where price swings aren't as prominent.

The Bottom Line

Fibonacci extensions are your ticket to unraveling price projections, spotting support and resistance zones, and finding those sweet reversal spots. Sure, they have their quirks, but when used in a trending market, they're like your trusty sidekick guiding you through the trading wilderness. So, go ahead and give them a whirl – you might just discover the magic of Fibonacci extensions for yourself! 🚀

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