Introducing Signal Trading on Density Exchange

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In the fast-paced world of trading, staying ahead of the curve often requires time, expertise, and continuous monitoring. But what if there was a way to leverage the skills of seasoned traders without the need for constant attention to the market? Enter Signal Trading, a revolutionary feature designed to democratize trading by bringing expert insights to your fingertips.

Signal Trading and its Benefits

  • Leverage Expertise: Tap into the knowledge of a curated list of pro traders who have proven themselves in the crypto market. Benefit from their insights and strategies without having to be an expert yourself.
  • Choose Your Trader: The power is in your hands. Browse through a carefully curated list of professional analysts, review their performance, and choose the one that aligns with your trading goals. It's your choice, your journey.
  • Set your Risk Parameters: When selecting an analyst, you have the flexibility to determine the amount you wish to allocate per signal and define a maximum limit on the total amount you're willing to invest across all symbols. These risk parameters are fully customizable and can be adjusted at any time, even after you've begun following the analyst.
  • Automatic Trade Execution: Your trades mirror those of the analyst you follow. Enter and exit positions at the same time as your chosen trader, ensuring that you're always in sync with their strategies.
  • No Need For Continuous Monitoring: Forget about constantly watching the market. With Signal Trading, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy life. Let the experts handle the trading while you focus on what matters to you.
  • Exclusively Yours: All profits generated from the trades executed through Signal Trading belong exclusively to you. It's a direct path to financial success with the rewards going directly into your pocket.

What is Signal Trading?

Want to trade but lack the time or expertise?Signal Trading allows you to connect with experienced traders who can execute trades on your behalf. It's as simple as choosing your favorite analyst from our carefully curated list, and they'll handle the rest. You remain in control, with the ability to set your risk parameters and make adjustments whenever you like. The best part? All profits belong exclusively to you.

How does Signal Trading work?

Signal Trading operates through the collaboration of two types of users: Analysts and Followers.

Analysts are proven professionals with a track record of successful trades in the crypto market.

Followers are users who harness the expertise of analysts to execute trades using their own collateral.

  1. Choose an Analyst: Browse through curated analysts, review their performance, and select the one aligning with your trading goals. Set your collateral allocation, which can be adjusted as needed.
  2. Automatic Signal Execution: When your chosen analyst generates signals, the platform automatically executes them as orders on your behalf. No need for manual intervention. Monitor performance and adjust risk settings as desired.
  3. Track Earnings: Your overall earnings from signal trading are displayed on your dashboard. All profits generated through signal trading are yours to keep.

How do I follow an analyst?

how to use signal trading
  1. Complete KYC verification and add your bank account details.
  2. Visit the designated platform, find the "Follow" button next to your preferred analyst.
  3. Customize your risk settings, allocating margin for each signal and across all signals for this analyst. Adjust settings as needed.

4. Congratulations! You are now following your preferred analyst

Note: You can follow only one analyst at a time.

Why did the Signal get rejected?

Signals may get rejected due to:

  1. Insufficient Margin: Add funds to ensure you have enough balance as per your risk parameters, specifically "Margin Allocated for Each Signal"
  2. Margin Cap Reached: Adjust the "Maximum margin allocated across signals" to prevent exceeding limits.
  3. Existing Open Order/Position: Signals are rejected if you already have an open order or position for that symbol.
  4. Less Margin Per Signal: Our liquidity provider expects a certain minimum quantity when placing an order. This quantity varied depending on the symbol and the leverage provided. If you see this error it means that the "Margin Allocated for Each Signal" amount was not sufficient for this symbol. To prevent this error, please increase this amount
  5. Other: Technical reasons leading to rejection by the liquidity provider or due to an internal error (ISE).

Where do I see signals generated by my analyst?

Visit the "My Analyst Screen"  to access:

  1. LIVE: Currently active signals.
  2. COMPLETED: Signals that reached Take Profit/Stop Loss price and signals that were deleted by the analyst.
  3. REJECTED: Signals that encountered obstacles during execution. See "Why did my signal get Rejected?" for more details

How do I unfollow my analyst?

Manually close open orders/positions from their signals, then click "Unfollow" on the follower dashboard. Please note that when you unfollow an analyst we will close all your open orders and positions that were created via signals at the current market price

Don't miss out on financial success. Embrace Signal Trading today and let experts guide your journey to prosperity.

How do change the TP/SL placed on my signal?

If your signal is in PUBLISHED state, you can click on the edit icon located in the TP/SL column and edit the TP/SL values directly. The new TP/SL will be updated for all of the followers

If the signal is in TRIGGERED state, then you cannot edit the previous TP/SLs, however you can add more TP/SLs. To add a new TP/SL, click on the edit icon located in the TP/SL column and click on Add TP/SL and enter the new values. Keep in mind that the newly added TP/SL DOES NOT override the previous TP/SL value. It is just a new TP/SL placed for your followers along with the previous existing one. Hence, please keep in mind that in TRIGGERED state there exists an effective TP/SL which is
If Parent order is BUY, then
Effective TP = min price(amongst all TP orders placed)
Effective SL = min price(amongst all SL orders placed)

Why am I unable to place a signal?

First, please be aware that as an analyst you can only place a LIMIT or STOP LIMIT as a signal

Second, please make sure the the trigger price or the limit price you set is not very close to the Last Traded Price (LTP) of the symbol. By default we have kept a check that the Trigger /Limit Price has to be 0.1% above/below the LTP.
This is done to ensure that our liquidity provider doesn't cancel the order directly or doesn't make it a market order

Third, you can only generate a new signals on symbols for which there are no active signals (signals in PUBLISHED and TRIGGERED state)

How is the RoI calculated ?

For Individual Signal:
[(Exit Price - Entry Price) / (Entry Price)] * Leverage

The Exit Price is determined by the TP or SL price that was hit. If you have placed multiple TP/SL orders, the effective TP/SL price will be considered for RoI

Overall RoI for an analyst:
The overall RoI is simply the average of all signal RoIs that have been completed (TP_HIT or SL_HIT)