Portfolio: Track and Analyze Your Crypto Futures Trading Performance

Density Exchange Portfolio (Crypto Futures India)

Density Exchange is thrilled to announce the launch of our new Portfolio section on our crypto futures trading platform. With this powerful addition, traders can now gain valuable insights into their trading performance, track their portfolio value, analyze profit and loss, and make informed decisions for future trades.  📈

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Portfolio Value

The Portfolio Value section provides a comprehensive overview of the total value of your crypto futures portfolio. It displays the current value of all the assets you hold on Density Exchange, giving you a real-time snapshot of your overall Trading performance.

Account Value

The Account Value section allows you to assess the overall growth or decline of your account, providing a clear indication of your trading success.

It has the Following Sections:

Crypto Futures Account Value

Total Balance

It represents the total value of all your assets on the DENSITY EXCHANGE.

Margin Usage

Margin is the collateral required to enter into futures trades. Margin Usage helps you monitor how much of your available margin is being used,

Free Balance

The Free Balance section presents the amount of funds that are not currently being used as a margin. This figure indicates the funds available for new trades or withdrawals and offers insights into your liquidity position.

Un-Realized Pnl

Unrealized Pnl, or unrealized profit and loss, reveals the potential gains or losses from your open positions. It provides an estimate of how your trades are performing in real-time, without considering the actualized profit or loss from closing the positions.

Open Positions

This section displays the details of all your currently open positions on Density Exchange.

Open Orders

Open Orders showcases all the pending orders you have placed on Density Exchange. This includes orders to enter new positions, modify existing positions, or close out positions.

How to Start Trading on Density Exchange
Analyzing your Trading performance helps you to make better Trading decisions.

P & L Dashboard

P&L Dashboard Bitcoin

The P&L Dashboard offers a comprehensive view of your profit and loss metrics, enabling you to evaluate your trading performance over time. Let's explore the key metrics displayed in this section.

Total PnLTotal PnL represents the cumulative profit or loss generated from all your trades on Density Exchange. It provides an overview of your overall trading success or shortcomings.

Realized PnL

Realized PnL showcases the actual profit or loss you have realized by closing positions. This metric accounts for trades that have been completed and settled, giving you a clear understanding of your realized gains or losses.

Total Fee

Total Fee reflects the cumulative amount of fees paid for all your trades on Density Exchange. This metric allows you to assess the impact of fees on your trading performance and factor it into your decision-making process.

Total Volume Trade

Total Volume Trade indicates the total volume of assets traded on Density Exchange. This metric helps you gauge the level of trading activity you have been involved in and provides insights into your trading frequency.

Total No Of Trades

Total No Of Trades displays the total number of trades executed on Density Exchange. It gives you an understanding of your trading frequency and allows you to evaluate

Win Ratio

It represents the ratio of winning trades to the total trades conducted. A higher win ratio indicates a greater percentage of successful trades, highlighting your ability to generate profits from your trading strategy.

Average Holding Period

The average Holding Period refers to the average length of time that you hold your positions or trades before closing them. It is calculated by summing the durations of all your trades and dividing it by the total number of trades. Average Holding Period provides insights into your trading style and strategy

P& L Graph

P&L Graph

The P&L Graph provides a visual representation of your profit and loss trends over a selected period. It presents your P&L data in a graphical format, making it easier to identify patterns, trends, and fluctuations in your trading results. With a quick glance, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of how your trading performance has evolved over time.

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P& L History

Profit & Loss

P&L History, short for Profit and Loss History, refers to a record or log of the profit and loss generated from your trading activities over a specific period of time. It provides a historical overview of the financial outcomes of your trades, including both realized and unrealized profits or losses.

In P&L History, each entry typically includes the following information:

  1. Date: The specific calendar date or time period corresponding to a particular P&L record. It represents the day on which the trades were executed or closed.
  2. Realized P&L: The realized profit and loss from your trades during the specified period. Realized P&L represents the actual gains or losses that have been realized by closing positions. It takes into account the selling price and the purchase price of contracts or derivatives to calculate the net profit or loss.
  3. Fee Paid: The cumulative amount of fees paid for executing trades within the specified time period.
  4. Total Number of Trades: The total count of all trades executed within the specified time frame. It represents the volume of trading activity during that period, encompassing both profitable and losing trades.
  5. Win Ratio: The ratio of winning trades to the total number of trades executed within the recorded period. Win Ratio indicates the percentage of successful trades relative to the total trades conducted. It provides insights into the effectiveness of your trading strategy and can be used as a measure of your trading success.

Whether you're a seasoned trader or just starting your crypto futures journey, the Portfolio section is a powerful tool that will unlock your full trading potential. Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your trading experience with Density Exchange. Get ready to embark on a new level of trading success!