Introducing Quick Trade: Your Gateway to lightning fast Trading

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In the dynamic world of cryptocurrency Futures trading, every second counts. To help you seize those opportunities and make the most of your crypto Trades, we're excited to introduce QuickTrade – the ultimate solution for lightning-fast, hassle-free crypto trading.

Let's dive into the key features that make QuickTrade a must-have tool for crypto enthusiasts.

Instant Execution

QuickTrade is all about speed. It eliminates the frustrating waiting time for your orders to process. When you spot an opportunity, you want to act on it immediately, and QuickTrade ensures you can.

Simplified Trading Environment

Our platform's clean and intuitive interface minimizes distractions and maximizes your focus. Keep an eye on the live charts, your open positions, and the order form—all in one convenient place.

Long/Short Ratio

QuickTrade provides you with the long-short ratio, helping you understand market sentiment at a glance. The Long/Short Ratio in crypto futures trading reveals traders' sentiment. A high ratio suggests bullishness with more long positions, anticipating price rises. A low ratio indicates bearishness with more short positions, expecting price drops. It can also hint at market trends and potential reversals, aiding traders in informed decisions.


Customize your trades by setting leverage and quantity according to your risk tolerance and trading strategy. QuickTrade gives you the flexibility to trade on your terms.

How to Use QuickTrade Feature?

  • Go to
  • Select the Asset you want to trade
  • Toggle the Quick Trade button located above the Buy/Sell Tab.
  • Enter the Quantity,choose your leverage.
  • Place your Order.

Join the ranks of savvy traders who are embracing QuickTrade to navigate the crypto market with confidence, speed, and precision. Don't let opportunities slip away; trade smarter and faster with QuickTrade today!