Understanding Cosmos - The Internet of Blockchains

Understanding Cosmos - The Internet of Blockchains

The Cosmos blockchain was established in order to enable communication between various ledgers without depending on a centralised server. This Internet of blockchains is aimed at forming a communicative platform of open-source blockchains which can ease the implementation of transactions between them. Cosmos has been introduced to streamline this issue which made individuals more enthusiastic to know about it. To get a deeper insight about the topic of Cosmos, keep reading.

What Do You Mean by Cosmos?

Considered as the ‘Internet of blockchains’, Cosmos (ATOM) refers to a decentralised ecosystem of independent blockchains. All of them have been power-driven by the Byzantine Fault-Tolerant (BFT) consensus algorithms.

The key reason which is responsible for the advancement of Cosmos blockchain is its usage by different cryptographs, wherein they perform independently. However, in case of Cosmos, it is the blockchain internet in which every blockchain performs together.

The main ambition of Cosmos aims is to connect various blockchain-based programs in order to form a network in which they can operate together. Even though blockchains are independent, they can communicate with other blockchains, and the user can easily exchange coins via Cosmos on various blockchain networks.

What Are the Benefits of Cosmos Crypto?

Since the world of cryptocurrency is highly volatile, it has several advantages and disadvantages. Mentioned below are the noteworthy advantages of Cosmos crypto:

  • Cosmos demonstrates that the association between various blockchains does not interrupt their privacy.
  • Cosmos crypto can overcome the problems related to scalability that were a crucial factor in the world of crypto.
  • A plethora of other projects take the help of Cosmos crypto. This is mainly due to its dynamic and powerful operation.

What Are the Demerits of Cosmos Crypto?

Following are the major disadvantages of cosmos crypto:

  • Cosmos experiences certain problems from the perspective of technology. For example, several blockchains do not work together in the collection of networks. Consequently, it keeps the future of this project remain unpredictable.
  • Cosmos operate beside stronger competitors, like AION, Panta, and Polkadot. Hence, in order to draw the interest of people this network requires progressing faster.

How Does Cosmos Crypto Network Work?

The Cosmos crypto network performs through various blocks. These blocks work in conjunction in order to achieve the required function. Mentioned below are those noteworthy blocks through which this network is performing:

  1. Networking Functionality

Any process establishing communication between different platforms on a Cosmos network is known as its networking functionality. Cosmos crypto facilitates the insertion of various functions across different sources. This is considered among the primary features of a Cosmos Hub.

  1. PoS (Proof-of-Stake) Consensus Mechanism

Cosmos uses the PoS system in order to authenticate various transactions on the network. This mechanism enables the traders of crypto to stake some of their tokens for earning passive income. However, this mechanism can only function provided the coin belongs to a specific blockchain.

  1. Housed Applications

Housed applications refer to those platforms which are used on a Cosmos network. These applications enable the carry out of transactions on a network which helps the users stay updated on their progress alongside following the PoS consensus mechanism. Every node on a Cosmos network is called as zones which is maintained by the Cosmos crypto.

Which Layers Are Found in a Cosmos Blockchain?

The Cosmos blockchain comes with three distinctive layers that are arranged together through open-source tools. This enables you to create blockchain applications. These layers include:

  • Application layer: It keeps tracking and protecting transactions alongside updating the state of the network.
  • Networking layer: It enables communication across various blockchains.
  • Consensus layer: This node on this layer agrees on the current system state.

How to Invest in Cosmos Cryptocurrency?

The Cosmos (ATOM) cryptocurrency price has been ranging between $8 and $15 per coin for the past two years. When this form of crypto was launched, it was considered by market capitalisation among the 38th largest crypto. From that time onwards, the cost of the coin has risen beyond 110%. The trading of this token is executed across various popular exchanges, like Crypto.com, Kucoin, Coinbase, and more. An individual can easily invest in Cosmos (ATOM) crypto by following the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Generate an Account

You will require opening an account on your desired crypto exchange in order to purchase ATOM tokens. However, keep in mind that the platform chosen by a person facilitates trading for ATOM.

Step 2: Make Deposits

After forming your account successfully, you will need to deposit a lump sum amount of funds, in the form of Dollars, Stablecoin, or Bitcoin. This is determined by the trading pairs which enable exchange.

Step 3: Start Trading

Choose a trading pair which comprises an ATOM coin and a currency. For instance, if you are having Bitcoin and desire to purchase ATOM, it is better to choose “BTC/ATOM”. Subsequently, select the number of coins you desire to buy. On the other hand, you may use a decentralised exchange in order to purchase ATOM coins.

Step 4: Store Your Coin

Once you purchase the coin, you may move your crypto to your personal crypto wallet from the exchange in order to get more security over your assets.

Which Tools Help in the Functioning of Cosmos?

Mentioned below are three vital tools that help in the proper functioning of a Cosmos network:

  1. Cosmos Software Development Kit (SDK)
  2. Inter Blockchain Communication (IBC) Protocol
  3. Tendermint Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT) Engine


Cosmos has turned out to be a highly effective cryptocurrency as they are connecting blockchains. It considerably facilitates each crypto to perform well during their operation. Consequently, when they partner with others, they carry out their performance much better. Furthermore, the total strength of a blockchain industry will enhance considerably as Cosmos is likely to establish a promising future for digital currency.

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