What are Assets?

What are Assets?

Similar to assets in a business organization, assets in crypto are the tokenized assets or cryptocurrencies existing on the blockchain, including NFTs.

They use a layer of security known as cryptography to protect digital data and record transactions. Crypto assets are traded and stored digitally on a virtual wallet.

The tokens can be further broken down into shares for more even distribution of ownership. This is quite similar to dividing the ownership of an asset into shares, but digitally.

Some common examples of crypto assets in use include

  1. Bitcoin (Cryptocurrency)
  2. USDC (Stablecoin)
  3. DAI (Investment token)
  4. ApeCoin (Game token)
  5. BAYC (Non-Fungible token)

Nowadays, any tangible/intangible asset can be tokenized using blockchain technology – such as shares of companies, fine art, jewelry, and even real estate can be tokenized as crypto assets with shares offered to investors through tokens proportionately.

It has become quite easy to access crypto assets nowadays. Hence, it also becomes essential to have a way to manage them seamlessly, just like the way one can manage a portfolio of traditional investments in a Demat account.

One can view their holdings' performance through charts and visual metrics, and trends can be analyzed accordingly to make better-investing decisions.

The need for managing such digital assets has arisen significantly in the recent past and hence, crypto asset management platforms are helping users simplify the overall process. This ranges from simplifying the KYC and signing up process to making the user interface all the more attractive and user-friendly.

One can easily keep a track of every individual asset in their portfolio. However, crypto assets can be challenging to manage given their varied expanse and diverse nature. The use of a crypto asset management platform is essential for this purpose which lets you track your various investments simultaneously.

This helps in staying well-updated and enables investors to make investing and trading decisions based on real-time inputs of all investments.

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