What are lifetime statistics?

What are lifetime statistics?

In simpler terms, lifetime statistics is the trend or pattern of the crypto asset’s performance during its entire trading period. It usually is indicative of a given crypto asset’s overall market performance compared to its peers.

The historical performance of a given crypto asset, along with various economic indicators and trends form a part of lifetime statistics. These include all-time highs and lows, trading volumes, fluctuation margins, the monetary worth of assets invested in the said crypto asset, and so on.

Lifetime statistics of a given crypto asset may be studied and analyzed on a trading platform using interactive graphical mediums - such as pie charts, line graphs, candlestick graphs, and other statistical methods. Data collection for compiling these statistics must be verified from genuine sources, as trades involving crypto assets usually involve peer-to-peer transactions.

Crypto assets may be treated by regulatory authorities as securities based on the legal framework in place in the territory in which trading is carried out. In other words, crypto assets may be analyzed and studied by industry experts just in the same way as other traditional investment avenues such as securities, commodities, and real estate are studied and interpreted.

Along with routine investors and traders, lifetime statistics may also be used by regulatory agencies to keep an eye on the crypto asset’s trends and whether any violent fluctuations can erode large amounts of investors’ wealth. A noteworthy example of the same is Dogecoin, which rallied completely fuelled by social media hype which eventually died down thus bringing its value to an all-time low at present.

Crypto exchanges and crypto-trading platforms usually maintain lifetime statistics data to compile information on user trends concerning investing in various crypto assets. Care must also be taken to see that the statistics are usually not manipulated and real-time data is available for use on a real-time basis.

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