What is a 24-hours Dashboard?

What is a 24-hours Dashboard?

Financial dashboards have made the lives of traders and investors quite simple - where a complete overview of all the financial accounts and assets added can be obtained.

A crypto dashboard is a digital platform that tracks crypto assets and matches the historical prices to the current values so that both crypto assets and investment plans can be managed simultaneously. A 24-hour crypto dashboard shows the current trends and data for the relevant crypto assets in a portfolio for the past 24 hours.

Crypto dashboards are integrated with crypto wallets & exchanges so that real-time updates can be made that display the latest data. They are highly recommended for traders & investors with more than several crypto assets in their portfolio to keep a track of all their crypto assets in one single place. Updated financial data can then be used to generate reports, forecasts, and strategic roadmaps for maintaining their crypto assets well.

Crypto dashboards also present the data in a sorted manner using visual aids such as graphs and pie charts. The data on it is updated in real-time using API and other technological tools. Dashboards make the entire work quite easier by compiling all the investments into one single, user-friendly place; thus making it hassle-free for the end user to manage his portfolio.

Based on the statistics served by the dashboard, investors make a decision on rebalancing their funds based on their appetite for risk and select the crypto assets that can potentially perform well.

However, crypto dashboards need to be well-secured given the huge amounts of potentially valuable data that they can hold. Still, dashboards are a great way to visualize how a given crypto asset portfolio is doing, how its performance has been over time, and which crypto assets are most responsible for fluctuations. The longer the use of the dashboard, the more useful data and statistics it can serve for legitimate use.

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