What is the Current Open Position?

What is the Current Open Position?

A Current Open Position is a position that it yet to be closed or settled. If it is a long position, it can be closed by selling and vice versa.

For instance, Alex purchases ETH worth USD 4,000, expecting a future rise in its price. It is said that Alex has an open position in ETH. Alex can close this position once she completely sells her ETH holdings.

You can view your position by viewing the Positions tab below the candlestick chart in the Trades section.

The Positions Tab will show all the Open Trades executed along with all types of information such as the Trading Pair, Size of contract, Entry Price, Margin Details, etc.

Let us understand the various components of the Positions Tab using this example

The above image shows that we have entered into a short position for Bitcoin. You can check it by looking at the Symbol column – BTCUSDT (depicting which trading pair has been selected)

The contract size is 0.001 BTC which is also the minimum size that one can take on Density Exchange. The leverage confirmed for this particular trade is 4x.

The entry price is USD 17,337.30 and the Liquidity price is USD 23,018.33, meaning the trade will close if the price of Bitcoin reached USD 23,018.33. If the price falls below the entry price, this trade will be profitable, subject to the Fees paid.

You will also be able to see the Margin Details and the Total Unrealised PnL.

To close this trade, we need to click the Close button in the bottom right corner.

When a position is Open, the profits or losses keep fluctuating depending upon how prices move. However once the trade is settled and the position is closed, all the profits and losses are actually realised.

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